JRC reaction wall

The ELSA reaction wall facility

The European Laboratory for Structural Assessment (ELSA) operates a 16 m-tall, 21 m-long reaction long, with two reaction platforms of total surface 760 m2 that allow testing real scale structural models on both sides of the wall. The laboratory is equipped with 20 actuators with capacities between 0.25 and 3 MN and strokes between ±0.25 and ±1.0 m. The hydraulic equipment is capable of delivering a flow of 1500 lt/min at a pressure of 210 bar.

The control system of the actuators allows development of different control and time stepping strategies; for example, the continuous pseudo-dynamic test method with substructuring, that permits testing elements of a large structure (such as a multi-span bridge), bidirectional testing of multi-storey buildings (allowing simulation of torsional response), and testing of strain-rate dependent devices (isolators or dissipaters) with substructuring.

Concerning the actual performance of experimental tests, the ELSA facility will offer the use of the PsD method with substructuring techniques for the simulation of the seismic action on large-scale structural systems, as well techniques for modal assessment and system identification.

The services offered to users that make the ELSA infrastructure unique include the competence and critical mass of its computational mechanics team; important links of collaboration established with the main research institutions outside Europe (USA, Japan, Taiwan, etc.) in earthquake engineering; and a comprehensive database containing the experimental data generated by the infrastructure and already used for calibration and adoption of European standards, mitigation of seismic risk for existing structures and preservation of cultural heritage buildings.


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