AZALEE shaking table

The 6mx6m AZALEE shaking table

The TAMARIS infrastructure and its main shaking table AZALEE, to which access is offered, belong to CEA’s Seismic Laboratory. The infrastructure’s equipment has been upgraded recently, by installing a new digital controller for AZALEE.

The AZALEE shaking table, with 100t allowable model mass, is the largest shaking table in Europe. To date, tests with masses up to 92t have been successfully performed. The shaking table is 6mx6m and 6 Degrees-of-Freedom (DoF), allowing testing specimens under independent excitations of various types: sinusoidal, random, shock and time-history with 0 to 100 Hz frequency ranges.

Maximum accelerations of 1g and 2g in the horizontal and vertical directions, respectively, can be applied to specimens with the maximum payload of the table. The peak velocity of the shaking table is 1m/s, peak displacements are ±0.125 m and ±0.1 m in the horizontal and vertical directions, respectively.

The services offered to users that make the infrastructure unique include a team of about 20 expert scientists and technicians working in earthquake engineering RTD projects, the possibility for substructuring, a high quality control and acquisition system allowing recording 256 channels, and a scientific computing and processing system (CAST3M) for the definition and execution of tests and subsequent interpretation of results.

The areas of research supported by the infrastructure cover a variety of experimental and analytical RTD projects, both in the nuclear and non nuclear fields, for equipment, buildings and soil-structure interaction; both new and existing structures are addressed. Assessment and retrofitting of existing buildings and equipment are of special interest for the laboratory.