1st Workshop, Iasi, July 2009

1st Workshop, 2009 July 14, Iasi, Romania

Click here to read the Workshop conclusions. Presentations in .pdf format are available at the following table (click on the title or right click -> save target as to download):

Title of presentation
G. Atanasiu
M.N. Fardis
E.C. Carvalho
F. Taucer
A. LeMaoult
F. Taucer and G. Magonette
J.-C., Queval
A. Pavese
E. Coelho
C. Taylor
J.-L. Chazelas and G. Madhabushi

2nd Workshop, Ohrid, September 2010

Role of Research Infrastructures in Performance-based Earthquake Engineering, 2 September 2010, Ohrid (MK)

The Workshop Proceedings Role of Seismic Testing Facilities in Performance-based Earthquake Engineering-SERIES Workshop have been published by Springer as Vol. 22 of the Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering series (hardcover, 384 p, ISBN 978-94-007-1976-7).

Presentations in .pdf format (click on the title or right click -> save target as to download)

No Speaker Title of presentation
1 F. Taucer, A. Pinto How can experimental testing contribute to performance based earthquake engineering
2 F. Marrazzi, I. Politopoulos, A. Pavese Towards a new European facility for advanced seismic testing (E-FAST)
3 S. Peloso, A. Pavese, C. Casarotti EUCENTRE TREES LAB: Laboratory for training and research in earthquake engineering and seismology
4 E. Coelho, A. Campos Costa, P. Candeias Experimental earthquake engineering research at LNEC
5 Z. Rakicevic, D. Jurukovski, A. Bogdanovic Structural and behaviour constraints of large scale experiments
6 F. Lunghi, A. Pavese, S. Peloso, I. Lanese Computer Vision System for advanced high precision displacement measurements
7 U. Dorka, F. Obon Use of large numerical models and high performance computers in geographically distributed seismic tests
8 T. Karavasilis, J. Ricles, R. Sause, C. Chen Experimental evaluation of the seismic performance of steel buildings with passive dampers using real-time hybrid simulation
9 B. Acun, H. Sucuoglu Performance limits for reinforced concrete columns under severe displacement cycles
10 A. Tsitos, G. Mosqueda Experimental study of progressive collapse of conventional and post-tensioned steel frames
11 V. Shendova Shaking table testing of models of historic buildings and monuments' experience
12 I. Psycharis, H. Mouzakis, G. Kremmyda Experimental investigation of the behaviour of pinned beam-column connections to pure shear monotonic and cyclic excitation
13 B. Ozturk Current state of art of the role of research infrastructures on performance based earthquake engineering and future perspectives for Europe
14 U. Cilingir, S. Haigh, C. Heron, G. Madabhushi, J.-L. Chazelas, S. Escoffier Cross-facility validation of dynamic centrifuge testing
15 L. Dihoru, M. Dietz, A.J. Crewe, C.A. Taylor Laminar shear box design for soil-structure interaction studies
16 C. Boutin, S. Hans, J. Soubestre, C. Taylor, E. Ibraim, M. Dietz, L. Dihoru, M. Lefik, M. Wojciechowski, L. Batali, H. Popa, J. Snaebjornsson, R. Sigbjornsson Dynamic behaviour of reinforced soil: theoretical modelling versus shaking table experiments
17 F. Leon, G.M. Atanasiu, M.H. Zaharia Innovative artificial intelligence methods for minimizing the risk in post-seismic interventions

3rd Internationl Workshop, Istanbul (TR), 8-9 February, 2012

3rd International Workshop: "Role of research infrastructures in seismic rehabilitation", Istanbul (TR), 8-9 February, 2012

The Workshop Proceedings "Seismic Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Structures" have been published by Springer as Vol. 26 of the Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering series (hardcover, 497 p, ISBN 978-3-319-00457-0).

Visit here the Workshop's web-page.

Click here to download the Workshop Programme.

Presentations in .pdf format (click on the title or right click -> save target as to download)

1st day - Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 (9:00 - 16:25)

No Speaker Title of presentation
  A.Ilki (ITU) Opening - Welcome
SS1-1 N. J.Perera, D.P.Thambiratnam (Queensland Univ., Robert Bird Group Australia) A Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Approach to Protection of Infrastructure from Seismic Actions
SS1-2 A. Yakut, A. Erberik, S. Akkar, H. Sucuoglu, A. Ilki (METU, ITU) Rapid Seismic Assessment Procedures for Turkish Building Stock
SS1-3 O.Gedik, R.Hikiji, A.Tasai (Yokohama National University, Japan) Effects of Waterjet Technique Application on Joining Surfaces of External Retrofitting Technique
SS1-4 U.Yazgan, R.Oyguc (ITU) Post-earthquake Risk-based Decision Making Methodology
for Turkish School Buildings
SS2-1 U. Mert Tugsal, B.Taskin (ITU) Structural Vulnerability Functions and Comparison of the Observed Damage of RC Buildings after Major Turkish Earthquakes
SS2-2 Z.Dalkilic, S.Soyoz (Bogazici University) Determination of Seismic Vulnerability
Using Ambient and Forced Vibration Data
SS2-3 F.Leon, G. M. Atanasiu (TUIasi) Probabilistic Path Finding Method for Post-Disaster Risk Estimation
SS2-4 M. Di Ludovico, R. Frascadore, A. Prota, M. Dolce, G. Manfredi (UNAP) Effects of Local Strengthening Interventions on the Global Seismic Performance of Existing RC Structures
SS2-5 M. Di Ludovico, A. Balsamo, A. Prota, G.M. Verderame, M. Dolce , G. Manfredi (UNAP) Experimental Behavior of non Conforming full scale RC Beam-Column Joints Retrofitted with FRP
SS3-1  R.Oyguc, H.Boduroglu (ITU) Capacity Assessment of Existing RC Buildings Using a 3-D Adaptive Pushover Procedure
SS3-2  B.H. Al-Gohi, C. Demir, A. Ilki, M.H. Baluch, M.K. Rahman (ITU, KFUPM Saudi Arabia) Assessing Seismic Vulnerability of Multi-Leaf, Heritage Masonry Walls Using Elasto-Plastic Damage Model
SS3-3  G. Turan (Izmir Inst. of Technology) Hybrid Control of a 3-D Structure by using Semi-Active Dampers
SS3-4  K.Orakçal (Bogazici University) Towards Robust Behavioral Modeling of R.C. Members
SS4-1   V. Shendova, Z.Rakicevic, R.Apostolska, Z.Bozinovski (IZIIS) Implementation of Experimentaly Developed Methodology for Seismic Strenghtening and Repair in Historic Monuments 
SS4-2   B.Ozturk (Nigde University) Effect of CFRP Retrofitting Application on Seismic Behavior of Historic Monumental Buildings at Cappadocia Region of Turkey
SS4-3   M. Ajmal, M.K. Rahman, Z. Celep, M.H. Baluch (ITU, KFUPM Saudi Arabia) Nonlinear Static Pushover and Dynamic Time-History Analysis of a Shear Wall Building in Madinah
SS4-4  D. Ahmed, M.K. Rahman, A.Ilki, M.H. Baluch (KFUPM Saudi Arabia, ITU) Finite Element Modeling of Seismic Performance of Low Concrete Strength Exterior Beam-Column Joints

2nd day - Thursday, February 9th, 2012 (9:00 - 17:10)

No Speaker Title of presentation
  M.Sozen (Purdue Univ.)

Leges de terrae concussione necesse est mutare

SS5-1 E.Eseller-Bayat, M.K.Yegian, S.Gokyer (ITU, Northeastern University ) Earthquake Engineering Experimental Facility
for Research and Public Outreach
SS5-2 P. Ezzatfar, M.E.Ayatar, B.Binici, O.Kurc, E.Canbay, H.Sucuoglu, G.Ozcebe (METU) Application of Mesh Reinforced Mortar for Performance Enhancement of Infill Walls
SS5-3 M.Urban, L.Stempniewski (KIT) Shaking Table Test of a Pre-damaged Masonry Building Retrofitted with a Mortar-Textile Composite
D.Bournas, T.Triantafillou


Experimental Research on Seismic Retrofitting of Old-type
RC Columns with Advanced Composite Materials
SS6-1 M.N.Fardis, A.Schetakis, E.Strepelias (UPAT) Seismic Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings by Converting Frame Bays into RC Walls
SS6-2 E.Strepelias, X.Palios, S.Bousias, M.N.Fardis (UPAT) Pseudodynamic Tests on 4-storey Nonductile Frames with RC Infilling of the Bay
SS6-3 C. Z. Chrysostomou, N. Kyriakides, P. Kotronis, P. Roussis, M. Poljansek, F. Taucer (JRC) RC Infilling of Existing RC Structures for Seismic Retrofitting
SS6-4 H. Kanno, N. Teramoto, T. Nishida, J. Kobayashi (Akita Prefectural University, Japan) Substructure Pseudo-Dynamic Tests on Seismic Response Control of Soft-first-story Buildings
SS6-5 Z. Celep, Y. Durgun (ITU) Seismic Response of the School Buildings in Van to Earthquake October 24, 2011
R.Garcia et al.

(TA Project BANDIT at CEA)

Shaking Table Tests on Deficient RC Frames Strengthened with Post-Tensioned Metal Straps
SS7-2 S.Ivorra, D.Foti, I.Ricci, G.Gasparini, S.Silvestri, T.Trombetti (Univ. de Alicante, Tech. Univ. of Bari, Univ. of Bologna) Shaking Table Test Design to Evaluate Earthquake Capacity of a 3-storey Building Specimen Composed of Cast-in-situ Concrete Walls 
SS7-3  H.Degee, A.Plumier, L.Lascar, L.Vasseur (University of Liège, Wienerberger nv) Contribution of the Spandrels and of the Perpendicular Walls to the Seismic Performance of Masonry Walls
SS7-4 P. Kloukinas, A. Penna, A. Scotto Di Santolo, S. Bhattacharya, M. Dietz, L. Dihoru, A. Evangelista, A.L. Simonelli, C.A. Taylor, G. Mylonakis (UPAT, CIMA-AMRA, UNAP, UNIVBRIS, Univ. of Sannio) Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Behaviour of Cantilever Retaining Walls
A.L. Simonelli et al.


Seismic Assessment of Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction
SS8-2 G.Tsinidis, D.Pitilakis , E.Rovithis, E.Kirtas, A.Anastasiadis, K.Pitilakis (AUTH) Physical Modeling for the Evaluation of the Seismic Behavior of Underground Structures
SS8-3 C.M. Heron, S.K. Haigh, S.P.G. Madabhushi (UCAM) Susceptibility of Shallow Foundations to Rocking and Sliding Movements during Seismic Loading
SS8-4 A.Marques, P.Coelho, U.Cilingir, S.Haigh, G.Madabhushi (Univ. of Coimbra, Univ. of Sheffield, UCAM) Centrifuge Modelling of Liquefaction-Induced Settlement of Shallow Foundations
SS8-5  A.M.Y. Mohammed, K. Maekawa (University of Tokyo) Stability Control of Rafted Pile Foundation against Soil Liquefaction 

Actuators Workshop, Iasi, July 2009

Click here to read the Workshop conclusions. Presentations in .pdf format are available at the following table (click on the title or right click -> save target as to download):

Speaker Title of presentation
C. Taylor Introduction
C. Taylor Shaking Table Actuator Needs 
G. Magonette Novel Actuation Systems for Real-Time Control
T. Blakeborough General Laboratory and Field Testing
P. Mellor Electromagnetic Actuation Technologies
F. Argeri and G. Moscatelli Actuation Developments at Moog
B. Fazzari Actuation Developments at Bosch Rexroth
N. Richardson Actuation Developments at Servotest


E-FAST and SERIES Workshop on Substructure and Distributed Testing, Kassel (DE), 21-22 October, 2010

Click here to download the agenda. 

Presentations in .pdf format (click on the title or right click -> save target as to download)

No Speaker Title of presentation
1 Oreste Bursi (UNITN) UNITN experience on substructure testing, 1st part
UNITN experience on substructure testing, 2nd part
2 Pierre Pegon (JRC) Substructuring at ELSA
3 Tony Blakeborough (Oxford) Oxford experience in substructure testing
4 Tony Blakeborough (Oxford) UK-NEES experience in distributed testing
5 Van Thuan Nguyen, Uwe Dorka (UNIKA) UNIKA experience on real-time substructure testing
6 Ferran Obon Santacana, Uwe Dorka (UNIKA) Use of large numerical models and high performance computers in geographically distributed testing

SERIES Concluding Workshop - Joint with US-NEES "Earthquake Engineering Research Infrastructures" - Ispra, May 28-30, 2013, In memory of Prof. Roy Severn

Presentations in .pdf format (click on the title or right click -> save target as to download)

1st day - Tuesday, 28 May 2013 (9:00 - 18:00) 

No Speaker Title of presentation
Session 1: Hybrid Testing
  Bursi O Opening remarks on hybrid testing
SS1-1 Mosalam KM, Günay S
SS1-2 Ou G, Dyke SJ, Wu B
SS1-3 Nakata N, Krug E
SS1-4 Bursi OS, Ceravolo R, Di Sarno L, Erdik M, Paolacci F, Sartori M, Pegon P
SS1-5 Abbiati G, Bursi OS, Cazzador E, Mei Z, Paolacci F, Pegon P
SS1-6 Abbiati G, Bursi OS, Cazzador E, Mei Z
SS1-7 Obón Santacana F, Dorka UE
SS1-8 Reza MS, Abbiati G, Bonelli A, Bursi OS
SS1-9 Abbiati G, Bonelli A, Bursi OS, Reza MS
SS1-10 Phillips BM, Spencer BF Jr.
SS1-11 Lamata Martinez I, Obón Santacana F, Williams MS, Blakeborough A, Dorka UE A support platform for distributed hybrid testing
SS1-12 Tang Z, Dietz M, Li Z, Taylor C Dynamic substructuring for soil structure interaction using a shaking table
SS1-13 Dertimanis VK, Mouzakis HP, Psycharis IN
SS1-14 Chatzigogos CT, Dietz M, Pecker A,Tang Z Towards an implementation of the FHT technique for SSI systems using nonlinear macroelements 
  Bursi O, Dyke S Roundtable discussion
Session 2: TA to Centrifuge Facilities
SS2-1 Ülgen D, Sa─člam S, Özkan MY, Chazelas J-L
Tsinidis G, Rovithis E, Pitilakis K, Chazelas J-L
SS2-3 Tsinidis G, Heron C, Madabhushi SPG, Pitilakis K, Stringer M
Karamitros DK, Cilingir U, Bouckovalas GD, Madabhushi SPG, Papadimitriou AG, Haigh SK
Experimental verification of shallow foundation performance under earthquake-induced liquefaction
Marques A, Coelho P, Haigh SK, Madabhushi SPG
Aversa S, De Sanctis L, Maiorano RMS, Tricarico M, Viggiani G, Conti R, Madabhushi SPG, Stringer M, Heron C
SS2-7 Bozzano F, Bretschneider A, Giacomi AC, Martino S, Scarascia Mugnozza G, Escoffier S, Lenti L, Chazelas J-L, Favraud C, Macé D

2nd day - Wednesday, 29 May 2013 (9:00 - 17:45) 

No Speaker Title of presentation
Session 3: US-NEES developments
 SS3-1 Ramirez J
SS3-2 Browning J
SS3-3 Van de Lindt JW
SS3-4 Fossum B
SS3-5 Bernal D
Session 4: SERIES Networking Activities
  Pegon P Opening remarks
SS4-1 Hasan MR, Farazi F, Bursi OS, Reza MS
SS4-2 Lamata Martinez I, Ioannidis I, Fidas C, Williams M, Pegon P
SS4-3 Bosi A, Kotinas I, Martinez IL, Bousias S, Chazelas J-L, Dietz M, Hasan MR, Madabhusi SPG, Prota A, Blakeborough T, Pegon P
SS4-4 Zola M, Taucer F
  Ramirez J, Pegon P Roundtable discussion
Session 5: SERIES TA to Shaking Table Facilities on masonry, RC and steel structures
SS5-1 Lu S, Jäger A, Mendes L, Campos Costa A, Candeias P, Coelho E, Degée H, Mordant C, Sendova V, Rakicevic ZT, Tomazevic M
Leite J, Lourenço PB, Vintzileou E, Palieraki V, Correia AA, Candeias P, Campos Costa A, Coelho E
SS5-3 Mordant C, Dietz M, Vasseur L, Degée H
SS5-4 Tondelli M, Petry S, Lanese I, Beyer K, Peloso S
SS5-5 Yakut A, Le Maoult A, Richard B, Ragueneau F, Atanasiu GM, Scheer S, Diler S
Broderick BM, Hunt A, Mongabure P, LeMaoult A, Goggins JM, Salawdeh S, O’Reilly G, Beg D, Moze P, Sinur F, Elghazouli AY, Plumier A
Session 6: SERIES TA to Shaking Table facilities on wood structures / General on experimental facilities
Kasal B, Heiduschke A, Pospisil S, Urushadze S, Zembaty Z
Piazza M, Tomasi R, Campos Costa A, Candeias P
SS6-3 Lu X, Wang D, Zhao B
SS6-4 Bournas D, Negro P, Molina F-J
Coelho E, Campos Costa A, Candeias P, Mendes L, Correia A

3rd day - Thursday, 30 May 2013 (9:00 - 16:20)

No Speaker Title of presentation
Session 7: Analytical and Experimental work on SSI, wave propagation and field testing, including SERIES TA to Shaking Table Facilities
 SS7-1 Anastasopoulos I, Zarzouras O, Georgarakos T, Drossos V, Gazetas G
SS7-2 Sesov V, Edip K, Cvetanovska J
SS7-3 Foti D, Ivorra S, Trombetti T, Silvestri S, Gasparini G, Taylor C, Dietz M
SS7-4 Schwan L, Boutin C, Dietz M, Padron LA, Bard P-Y, Castellaro S, Ibraim E, Maeso O, Aznárez JJ, Taylor C
SS7-5 Pitilakis D, Rovithis E, Anastasiadis A, Pitilakis K
Session 8: Analytical and experimental techniques/ SERIES TA to Reaction Wall Facility
SS8-1 Chang K-C
SS8-2 Binbir E, Demir C, Ispir M, Ilki A
SS8-3 Rakicevic ZT, Markovski I, Filipovski D, Micajkov S, Garevski M
SS8-4 Hwang S-J
Paolacci F, Alessandri S, Mohamad A, Corritore D, Derisi R
SS8-6 Stratan A, Dubina D, Ioan A, Taucer F, Poljansek M
  Fardis M, Ramirez J, SERIES Ext Scient Com Conclusions and recommendations
  Taylor C A tribute to Roy Severn

Click here to download the Workshop programme.
Click here to download the Workshop abstracts. 

A three-day international workshop, dedicated in memory of Prof. Roy Severn, took place at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission in Ispra, Italy, on May 28-30, 2013. It was organised by the JRC, within the framework of the European Commission’s FP7 Project SERIES (“Seismic Engineering Research Infrastructures for European Synergies”).

The workshop was co-organised with the George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES, USA) and presented the main outcomes of the SERIES project and of parallel developments within NEES. Participation of other related FP7 Projects as well as of other international research infrastructures/networks was welcome.
There was no registration fee.

The Proceedings are expected to be published by a reputed publisher. Contributing authors will receive a complimentary copy. 

Special Session on Recent Advances in Hybrid Simulations
In the framework of the Workshop a Special Session was organised on Recent Advances in Hybrid Simulations. The scope of this Special Session was to provide recent advances on numerical methods, testing techniques and control strategies from a hybrid simulation perspective. Major focus was given to implementation aspects of software and hardware as well as to applications to significant case studies. The session was co-organised with the George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES, USA). One-page abstracts were submitted to until 25 March, 2013, noting as subject: “Joint SERIES-NEES Workshop - Recent Advances in Hybrid Simulations”. Full papers have been invited for submission for the Proceedings voume. As an alternative and to promote software tools, there was a possibility to present a contribution of 2-3 pages paper according to the attached template for the Special Session. 

Astracts and presentations of contributions to the Hybrid Simulation Special Session are provided above (top of the page).