Preparatory Course on Pseudodynamic Experimental Testing, Ispra, November 2010

Course overview: The 2nd Training Course of the SERIES project was organized by the JRC. It was a preparatory course focusing on the basics of Pseudo-Dynamic (PsD) experimental testing and theoretical background. In particular, the following topics were covered: the classical and continuous PsD method, PsD substructuring and hybrid testing, controller systems, applicability of the PsD method, telepresence and photogrammetry. The course also included a hands-on experimental example test.

Dates: 10 – 12 November 2010

Place: JRC, Ispra, Italy

Topic: Basics of  Pseudo-Dynamic (PsD)  Experimental Testing and Theoretical Background

Audience: SERIES Transnational Access users, research and technical personnel from other research infrastructures in the SERIES project, or from external ones

Registration fee
: Free of charge 

Course Programme (click to download)

Course presentations
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1.  Course Introduction (G. Magonette)

2.  Pseudo-Dynamic Testing: History and JRC Contribution (G.Magonette, P.Pegon, J.F. Molina)

3.  Conventional and Continuous PsD Testing (J.F. Molina)

4.  Hardware and Testing System (G. Magonette)

5.  PsD Substructuring and Hybrid Testing (P.Pegon)

6.  PsD Method Applicability (J.F. Molina)

7.  Laboratory Tests (F.Marazzi, A.Bosi)

8.  PsD Test Quality Assessment (J.F. Molina)

9.  Telepresence (P. Pegon)

10. Photogrammetry (P. Caperan)

Breakdown of attendees
(21 in total)

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