Preparatory Course on Physical Modelling in Centrifuge Tests, IFSTTAR, March 2011

Course overview: This training course of the SERIES project was organized by IFSTTAR and UCAM. It was a preparatory course focusing on seismic centrifuge tests. In particular, the followings topics were covered: similitude laws, experimental facilities (centrifuge, shaker, boxes), model making techniques, soil characterisation and data acquisition. Previous experimental results were illustrated. In addition to the presentations, a visit of the IFSTTAR centrifuge and a demonstration test was organized. 

Date: 3-4 March 2011

Place: IFSTTAR, Bouguenais, France

Topic: Basics of modelling for seismic centrifuge tests

Audience: SERIES Transnational Access users, research and technical personnel from other research infrastructures in the SERIES project, or from external ones.

Registration fee: Free of charge

Course presentations (click on title to download)

1. The earthquake simulator Actidyn QS 80 (Jean-Louis Chazelas) 

2. Similitude laws in centrifuge modeling (Sandra Escoffier)

3. Soil characterization (Sandra Escoffier)

4. Sample preparation (Sandra Escoffier)

5. Seismic centrifuge modelling - examples (S. Escoffier, J.L Chazelas)

6. Principles of centrifuge modeling (Gopal Madabhushi)

7. Application of centrifuge modeling (Gopal Madabhushi)

8. Facilities at University of Cambridge (UCAM) (Gopal Madabhushi)

9. Saturation of sands with viscous fluids (Gopal Madabhushi)

10. Model containers in Dynamic Centrifuge Modelling (Gopal Madabhushi)

11. Instrumentation & Data Acquisition (Gopal Madabhushi)

12. Signal Processing Techniques (Gopal Madabhushi)

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