Four international workshops were planned so as to promote TA in earthquake engineering and spread its RTD outcomes, to foster integration of the European earthquake engineering RTD community and to increase its visibility as a world leader:

  • 1st International Workshop, "Opportunities for users to access European research infrastructures in earthquake engineering", Iasi, 13-14 July 2009. The workshop aimed to publicise the TA opportunities and capabilities of the project’s research infrastructures. One day was devoted to the performance requirements of actuators in seismic testing.
  • 2nd International Workshop, "Role of research infrastructures in performance-based earthquake engineering", Ohrid, 2 Sep. 2010. The workshop provided a forum for the presentation of relevant RTD results of TA activities and for the discussion of the progress in the qualification of research infrastructures.
  • 3rd International Workshop, "Role of research infrastructures in seismic rehabilitation", Istanbul, 8-9 Feb. 2012. The WK gave the opportunity to present RTD results of completed TA activities and to enhance ties between the Turkish Earthquake Engineering Community and SERIES partners.
  • Concluding Workshop. "Earthquake Engineering Research Infrastructures", Ispra, 28-30 May 2013. An international workshop, organised jointly with US-NEES, to present the main outcomes of the project’s NA1, JRAs, RTD results of TA projects, and to listen to parallel developments at the international research infrastructures/networks. The WK is dedicated in memory of Prof. R. Severn.

Free of charge training courses were organized for enhancement of human resources and EU-wide integration of methodologies in experimental RTD in earthquake engineering, as well as new users. The audience was mainly research and technical personnel from research infrastructures and TA users. The subjects covered included the use of the TA facilities, advances in seismic testing techniques, good practice in operation of testing facilities, maintenance of lab equipment, seismic qualification of products and systems, etc.


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