Distributed Testing

This activity focuses on tests involving concurrent use of geographically distributed platforms (distributed testing), in particular when splitting the tested structures in sub-parts, coupling physical tests and numerical models, and using substructuring algorithms. 

To this end, there is a need to standardise the tools and protocols used for encapsulating the experimental facilities into a software layer able to exchange on-line information. Guidelines and proposals for advanced strategies in distributed testing and simulation for fast and real-time testing will be provided.


E-FAST and SERIES Workshop on Substructure and Distributed Testing, Kassel (DE), 21-22 October, 2010
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WP2 Specifications for distributed testing (connectivity tests, implementation) (.pdf, 6.5Mb) This deliverable includes the specifications and describes the necessary requirements to implement different communication protocols. Also, the new developments in Oxford regarding the organisation of distributed distributed tests. An evaluation of the Craig-Bampton Method and the use of Graphic Card Units (GPU) to include large numerical models are also presented.
WP2 Report on distributed testing and perspectives (.pdf, 3.7Mb) The aim of SERIES/NA1.4 task is to provide the laboratories of the consortium with basic distributed testing capabilities. Due to current hardware limitations on network connectivity, the focus is on slow, non-synchronized distributed testing, mainly concerning Pseudo-dynamic tests and labs. The activity is also aimed at gaining practical experience in distributed testing and will propose a European strategy towards fast and real-time distributed testing.



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