Lab Qualification

This networking activity aims at creating the conditions and leading to the mutual accreditation of structural testing laboratories specialising in earthquake engineering and equipped for large scale testing. For the qualification, combination of two main requirements on the laboratories is necessary: technical competence and quality assurance. The activity is broken down into the following tasks:

  • evaluation and impact of qualification of experimental facilities in Europe;
  • assessment of testing procedures and standards requirements;
  • assessment of criteria for instrumentation and equipment management;
  • development and implementation of a common protocol for qualification.

The final objective of the mutual accreditation is to guarantee the reliability of testing in each laboratory. In reliability implicit is repeatability, i.e., the principle that experimental activities repeated on the same specimen in the same laboratory lead to the same result, within certain tolerances and fixed conditions.

Besides establishing the general reliability of structural testing in Europe, a common platform for qualification will significantly enhance the expertise of testing facilities, as a result of the continuous benchmarking of similar laboratories.

The conclusions of the assessment of testing and instrumentation management procedures will most likely lead to a critical analysis of the requirements imposed by official standardization and accreditation organisations, national or European.

It is expected that the mutual accreditation of European research infrastructures in earthquake engineering will enhance their standing with respect to their American or Japanese counterparts, promoting a unified EU policy on acceptance criteria for products and techniques.

Workshop on Lab Qualification

Qualification of Research Infrastructures Workshop, Ohrid (MK), September 2010 

Released Deliverables on Lab Qualification
WP3 Report on the testing procedures used for seismic experimentation (.pdf, 1.45Mb)
Τhe compliance of the different approaches used with the requirements of the applicable standards or reference recommendations was checked. The examined testing procedures mainly focused on seismic experimentation through real time (shake table), pseudo-dynamic (reaction wall) and quasi static testing. Information on testing procedures used in seismic testing was collected from laboratories in Europe with large testing facilities. This information was then critically assessed and various items were recommended for the Common Protocol that will be prepared for the Qualification of large testing facilities.
WP3 Report on the laboratory use of instrumentation and its management for seismic experimentation (.pdf, 250kb)
Information was gathered by diffusing a questionnaire in 33 European large testing facilities, industries and Accreditation or Standardization Organizations. The collected data were critically assessed and exploited to write this report.
WP3 Draft Common Protocol for the qualification of research infrastructures in earthquake engineering, with accompanying technical guidance and recommendations, in the form of Technical Annexes (.pdf, 3.9Mb)
The present report represents the first draft of a Common Protocol for the Qualification of Large Research Testing Facilities.The qualification requirements were compiled through a combination of structured questionnaires and a dedicated day in the second SERIES workshop on the “Role of the Research Infrastructures on Performance-based Earthquake Engineering”.
WP3 Common Protocol for the Qualification of Research Infrastructures in
Earthquake Engineering and Technical Annexes
(.pdf, 336 kb)
This report is based on the state-of-the-art review of the qualification requirements for experimental testing facilities throughout Europe dealing with earthquake engineering. The qualification requirements were compiled through a combination of structured questionnaires and a dedicated day in the second SERIES workshop.  A roadmap towards a Qualification Common Protocol was agreed upon with the Partners participating to the Work Package. An exercise for the implementation of the Common Protocol was performed by seven Large European Research Testing Facilities.
Annex I - Check List for the Performance of the Audit to the Research Testing Facilities (.pdf, 321kb)
Annex II - Specific Technical Requirements for Seismic Research Tests by Shaking Table (.pdf, 402kb)
Annex III - Specific Technical Requirements for Seismic Research Tests by On-site Testing (.pdf, 427kb)
Annex IV - Specific Technical Requirements for Seismic Research Tests by Reaction Wall (.pdf, 378kb)
Annex V - Specific Technical Requirements for Data Acquisition and Processing (.pdf, 358kb)


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