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Important update (Aug. 2012): All facilities offering Transnational Access are fully booked until the end of SERIES. There is no availability for the submission of new proposals.

Submitted TA proposals were evaluated according to the following procedure:
Proposals for Transnational Access were submitted through this website using a common template.
The lead user and the majority of the users of a proposal were required to work in an institution in a EU Member State or EU Associated country, but other than the one where the TA facility is established.
Prospective users first applied for an account and submitted their proposal after the activation of the account.

Prospective users included in their proposal the following:

  • brief description of proposed research;
  • user organisations (main user, partner users) including CVs of principal investigator and of other researchers;
  • appropriate Transnational Access facility (1st and 2nd choice);
  • total number of researchers in Transnational Access;
  • target schedule;
  • a slide presentation with the main points of the proposal (4-5 slides according to a common template).

The submitted proposals were graded according to the following criteria and corresponding weights:

Criterion for Selection*
Weight (%)
Fundamental Scientific and Technical value and interest
Originality and innovation
Quality of proposing team(s), Number of users
Importance for public safety
Importance for European standardisation
Importance for European integration and cohesion
Importance for sustainable growth
Importance for European competitiveness
Importance and relevance to TA facility’s own S/T interests
Synergies and complementarities with other TA tests
Cost and feasibility according to TA facility
Previous use of TA facility by any in the user group
Availability of similar infrastructures in any of the users' countries

*A minimum average grade of 6 per criterion was required for acceptance

Acceptance depended on the access days available at each facility. Successful user teams signed a contract agreement with the corresponding facility, delineating the test program and the specimen(s), estimating the length of user stays at the facility and the days of use. The facility determined at a later stage in more detail the access days and the technical program, after consulting the user. It is an obligation of the users to publish the knowledge generated, first in interim and public final reports and then in Journal or Conference papers. The contract defines the rights and obligations of the facility and the users, including provisions for early termination.


Contact persons: M. N. Fardis, S. Bousias, D. Biskinis, G. Tsionis


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