Telepresence is the possibility to provide to remote users on-line access to the data during the experiments and virtual access to the equipment, so as to allow collaborative decision-making on the testing activities.

Telepresence will be implemented in all laboratories of the consortium appropriate for it and feedback will be collected from its use during selected Transnational Access tests.

Telepresence will enhance the potential of carrying out more ambitious and complex tests by optimizing the available resources in different facilities and will facilitate distributed testing.


Released Deliverables on TelePresence

WP2 Guidelines for implementing a telepresence node (.pdf, 3.54 Mb)
This deliverable contains guidelines for implementing telepresence tools. It is based on the experiences of JRC, UNIVBRIS & UOXF.DF in the installation, use and customization of the US George E Brown Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) tools.


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