Transnational Access


Transnational Access
(TA) to a portfolio of world class research infrastructures is offered to selected talented European researchers. Users are given access to the infrastructures for the design of the test specimen and the instrumentation, for the execution of the tests and for the processing and interpretation of results. The facilities available for Transnational Access include shaking tables, reaction walls, centrifuge infrastructures and bearing tester system.

Users are integrated into the scheduling of the infrastructure during the execution programme of each project, from the design and construction of the test specimen, to instrumentation, experimental testing and interpretation of the experimental results, receiving from the staff of the infrastructure all the technical and scientific support needed to carry out their project. A user support team is allocated to each user on a daily basis, to develop and execute the test programme, including appropriate technicians for test model fabrication, instrumentation, etc.

Prospective users are advised to consult the open calls for proposals about the availability of TA infrastructures. The lead user and the majority of the users in a team should be working in an institution in a EU Member State or EU Associated country, but other than the one where the TA facility is established.

The User Selection Panel has selected 27 TA Research projects according to specific criteria.


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