E-FAST and SERIES Workshop on Substructure and Distributed Testing, Kassel (DE), 21-22 October, 2010

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No Speaker Title of presentation
1 Oreste Bursi (UNITN) UNITN experience on substructure testing, 1st part
UNITN experience on substructure testing, 2nd part
2 Pierre Pegon (JRC) Substructuring at ELSA
3 Tony Blakeborough (Oxford) Oxford experience in substructure testing
4 Tony Blakeborough (Oxford) UK-NEES experience in distributed testing
5 Van Thuan Nguyen, Uwe Dorka (UNIKA) UNIKA experience on real-time substructure testing
6 Ferran Obon Santacana, Uwe Dorka (UNIKA) Use of large numerical models and high performance computers in geographically distributed testing

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