2nd Workshop, Ohrid, September 2010

Role of Research Infrastructures in Performance-based Earthquake Engineering, 2 September 2010, Ohrid (MK)

The Workshop Proceedings Role of Seismic Testing Facilities in Performance-based Earthquake Engineering-SERIES Workshop have been published by Springer as Vol. 22 of the Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering series (hardcover, 384 p, ISBN 978-94-007-1976-7).

Presentations in .pdf format (click on the title or right click -> save target as to download)

No Speaker Title of presentation
1 F. Taucer, A. Pinto How can experimental testing contribute to performance based earthquake engineering
2 F. Marrazzi, I. Politopoulos, A. Pavese Towards a new European facility for advanced seismic testing (E-FAST)
3 S. Peloso, A. Pavese, C. Casarotti EUCENTRE TREES LAB: Laboratory for training and research in earthquake engineering and seismology
4 E. Coelho, A. Campos Costa, P. Candeias Experimental earthquake engineering research at LNEC
5 Z. Rakicevic, D. Jurukovski, A. Bogdanovic Structural and behaviour constraints of large scale experiments
6 F. Lunghi, A. Pavese, S. Peloso, I. Lanese Computer Vision System for advanced high precision displacement measurements
7 U. Dorka, F. Obon Use of large numerical models and high performance computers in geographically distributed seismic tests
8 T. Karavasilis, J. Ricles, R. Sause, C. Chen Experimental evaluation of the seismic performance of steel buildings with passive dampers using real-time hybrid simulation
9 B. Acun, H. Sucuoglu Performance limits for reinforced concrete columns under severe displacement cycles
10 A. Tsitos, G. Mosqueda Experimental study of progressive collapse of conventional and post-tensioned steel frames
11 V. Shendova Shaking table testing of models of historic buildings and monuments' experience
12 I. Psycharis, H. Mouzakis, G. Kremmyda Experimental investigation of the behaviour of pinned beam-column connections to pure shear monotonic and cyclic excitation
13 B. Ozturk Current state of art of the role of research infrastructures on performance based earthquake engineering and future perspectives for Europe
14 U. Cilingir, S. Haigh, C. Heron, G. Madabhushi, J.-L. Chazelas, S. Escoffier Cross-facility validation of dynamic centrifuge testing
15 L. Dihoru, M. Dietz, A.J. Crewe, C.A. Taylor Laminar shear box design for soil-structure interaction studies
16 C. Boutin, S. Hans, J. Soubestre, C. Taylor, E. Ibraim, M. Dietz, L. Dihoru, M. Lefik, M. Wojciechowski, L. Batali, H. Popa, J. Snaebjornsson, R. Sigbjornsson Dynamic behaviour of reinforced soil: theoretical modelling versus shaking table experiments
17 F. Leon, G.M. Atanasiu, M.H. Zaharia Innovative artificial intelligence methods for minimizing the risk in post-seismic interventions

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